About us

Sportshopy is one of the leading e-commerce Sports goods company on the internet. We have to introduce to our company Sportshopy.com that has been incorporate in year 2017 and We have to provides a better variety of Sports goods like (Cricket Team sports , Rackets and all variety of team shoes) .
We have come together to make the online sports goods buisness evolve and serve its customer better satisfaction , by connecting E-buisness online.
with a Team of sportshopy organisation who are experties in an It field database experts,anaylists and editors. Provides to users with an innovative and
intitutive tools for customers quantative data , satatistics and related information. Consultants Firms and Media agencies our services as well as company strategy and marketing departments in large corporations from a variety of industries.

The exceptional range of our products comparison to our competitors provide us better infosmation and buying options that has found appreciations among our customers.Due to their high standards of quality products.

Our Mission :
To prevent buisness practises that are anti competitive and deceptive or unfair to consumers; to enhance informed consumers choice and public understanding of the competitive process; and to accomplish this without unduly burdening legitimate business process activity.

Our Stragetic Goals:
* Advance Performance : Sportshopy performae thorught organisational, by individual and management excellence.
*Maintain Competition : prevent Anti-competitive buiness practises in the marketplace.

Our Vision:
A Indian economy characterized by competition among producers and consumers access to provide accurate inforamtion about prouduts, yielding high quality products to low price and encouraging efficience and innovation and consumer choice.

How Sportshopy Benifit to Customers:
As a Buiness person or consumers, you may be familar with the work of Sportshopy than you think.So we Provides deal with issues that touch to the every person.
As per company norms that costumers can call or if have some query consumers fell free contact to our customer care 24*7 or mail on inquiry@sportshopy.com .