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DONIC is one of the world’s best known and leading brand of Table Tennis. DONIC has always been at the forefront of the breakthrough technologies in table tennis which includes Epox, Dotec, Senso technology for blades, Formula DONIC, Sound System and Faktis Technology in rubbers.



Donic Waldner Black Devil Table Tennis Blade

₹ 7,299.00 excl tax ₹ 5,248.00 excl tax

Brand: Donic Model: Waldner

Donic Young Champ 300 Table Tennis Racket

₹ 515.00 excl tax ₹ 499.00 excl tax

Brand: Donic Model: Young Champ 300 Color:Red&Black

DONIC CARBOTEC 20 Table Tennis Racket

₹ 3,995.00 excl tax ₹ 3,076.00 excl tax

Brand:Donic Model:Carbotec 20 Color:Red&Black